Merlot Rebellion: An Enemies to Lovers Gay Romance


Merlot Rebellion

Author: Leigh Jarrett
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Gay Romance
Available for purchase at 'Coming Soon'


Devastated when things don't work out, Patrick refuses to even consider risking his heart again. As soon as he proclaims his love, everything always falls apart. 

One afternoon while heading a wine tour, Patrick recoils when he encounters a man he's been told is a monster by his latest ex-boyfriend. 

Heartbroken, Charles is convinced his last breakup was his fault. His seductive looks are the only reason anyone ever picks him up. He has no other worth. His latest partner of seven years told him as much. He was cheated on, abandoned for another—replaced by a blond boy toy. 

Then the vapid adulterer has the gall to walk into his winery.