MM+ Erotic Romance

Cheeky Boy

It's so easy to be bad when you have millions of dollars to play with

I know I'm out of control, but what else am I supposed to do with my time? My billionaire dad hasn't deemed me capable of being a productive member of society. He's left me to stagnate after a privileged childhood with no guidance—raised by staff.

 At 27, my life is one big substance-fueled party. No one has ever said no to me. Deep down, though, I crave it. I need someone to care enough to offer me guidance. To say no to me when I need it. Someone who can provide me with a little discipline and affection.

 I'm starved for it. I know I am, but I have no idea how to get what I need to be good.

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One and Only

Jacob did a stupid thing back in university. He fell in love. Now, sixteen years later, he runs into the man that has plagued his dreams. Jacob's love is still strong for him.

 Can he walk away? His life is so different now. He's not the na├»ve guy he was in university. He's spent the past sixteen years sleeping with every man that crosses his path. 

Ethan ran away when things got too serious in university. A straight guy wasn't supposed to have those feelings for another guy. Sixteen years later, he might be proven wrong. 

A failed marriage amongst his baggage, Ethan isn't sure if he wants to add more instability to his children's lives. Is getting back what he's lost worth putting his heart on the line? 

If love grows between them, how much love will they have to spare?

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Wish On A Star

A FTM transgender romance short story filled with love, tenderness, and exploration 

Brady has been longing to meet that special guy. One he can call his boyfriend. One he can cuddle with on the sofa—fall in love. 

He thinks he has found that person in Lance, a guy he met over Grindr. They have spent weeks texting and talking on the phone, sharing all aspects of their lives—except one. 

Brady hasn't told Lance he's trans. He's afraid that will be a deal-breaker, but his feelings for Lance have grown exponentially. When should he tell him? 

The two finally meet, on their first real date together. Brady decides to rip the bandage off and tells Lance the truth. How Lance reacts is beyond what Brady imagined it would be like. 

What does the future hold for them? Is there one?

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Provocative Prehistoric Erotic Romance

Zarum's interest in him was more than E'lan had been expecting, given his preference—but then maybe Zarum had sensed something.

E'lan had been told all his life that he was the most beautiful and alluring "girl" and now "woman" anyone had ever set eyes on and each time the clans gathered to seek mates for their younger clan members, E'lan enjoyed the admiration bestowed upon him, but the necessity to keep his true gender and sexuality a secret prevented him from finding a mate for himself.

As the healer of the Clan N'kip, E'lan was also their spiritual leader. A position passed down to him by his mother—strictly a woman's position within the clan. Only the elders knew of the deception his mother had strategically undertaken throughout E'lan's life.

This mating season, four spirits willing, he would be included in the celebrations. The elders would choose a suitable mate for him, and he'd be permitted to take that man back to his sleeping platform and fulfill his long-awaited desires.

As a man—not a woman.

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