Cheeky Boy: A Spoiled Brat/Discipline M/M Bisexual Romance


Cheeky Boy

It's so easy to be bad when you have millions of dollars to play with

I know I'm out of control, but what else am I supposed to do with my time? My billionaire dad hasn't deemed me capable of being a productive member of society. He's left me to stagnate after a privileged childhood with no guidance—raised by staff.

At 27, my life is one big substance-fueled party. No one has ever said no to me. Deep down, though, I crave it. I need someone to care enough to offer me guidance. To say no to me when I need it. Someone who can provide me with a little discipline and affection.

I'm starved for it. I know I am, but I have no idea how to get what I need to be good.

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