Academic Ambition: An M/M Roommates to Lovers Bisexual Awakening Romance


Academic Ambition

Learning a new path to love

Asher identifies as non-binary but prefers to use he/him pronouns. His relationship with his body is in constant conflict. It isn't until he meets Shaun, his new roommate, that he starts to accept himself.

Shaun's life is dominated by rugby. Until he rescues Asher one dark night. Then his world is turned upside down. When Asher becomes his new roommate, Shaun finds himself tumbling into a yearning he never could have imagined.

 But can Asher find his way to him?

 This is a really sweet story about self-love and acceptance. One character is non-binary ASAB and the other is coming to terms with his bisexuality. This is all new to both of them but they find their HEA.

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