Salish Sea Society

Title: Noah
Author: Leigh Jarrett
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Series: Salish Sea Society - Book 1
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Underneath that calm demeanour, I sensed lay a deeply passionate man.

To date, all my relationships that lasted more than a couple months have ended because I'm expecting something I don't believe is unattainable. Perfection. My parents have pounded the concept into my head. Success is only possible through getting everything right.

Even now, in my thirties, I live by that. What I strive for rolls into my business as the owner of one of the most popular British-themed pubs in Victoria, BC.

Then one day, a guy named Brody walks into my pub and becomes a regular, coming in at the same time every night, and always ordering a G&T and buffalo wings.

His expression is often fixed, and he doesn't talk much, revealing nothing about himself. But his deep mahogany eyes speak volumes. There's someone passionate inside all that outward calm.

What I eventually discover about Brody makes me wonder if I want to take it on. A relationship with him would be far from perfection. Or would it? To call him mine, I'm going to need to rethink what perfection looks like and embrace a new way of seeing the world.

Noah is a sweet slow-burning romance about a member of the Salish Sea Society, a group of four best friends who have been through a lot together since high school, including each of them coming out as gay. This story is set on the rugged coast of Pacific Canada and is a story of newfound understanding of the autism spectrum and finding passion and love beating beneath the chest of a man of carefully measured words and silent looks.

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