About Leigh

Leigh Jarrett is unabashedly queer, quirky, and passionate. Lover of antique stores, the smell of lye and oil as it turns to soap, and the sound of ocean breezes passing through the ancient Douglas firs of Vancouver Island's Cathedral Grove.

In her hometown of Kelowna, BC, Leigh can be found nestled up with her fabulously supportive wife, her trusty laptop, and their persistent treat seeker, Miss Mimi-dog, affectionately nicknamed "Muffin Head".

Having been bullied as a child for being "different", writing, and publishing LGBTQ Romantic Fiction has given Leigh an opportunity to express her uniqueness, inspired by the LGBTQ community she now calls home. Her contemporary works highlighting their struggles, while celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights—to love and be loved. And her Paranormal and Fantasy works simply sharing the "weird kid" geek residing within her.

Leigh also writes under the pen names Gavin E. Black for Erotica and Sara J. Miller for Young/New Adult fiction.

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