Snowblind: A Friends to Lovers Gay Romance



Release date February 28!

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It all came down to a matter of trust.

James has some free time and is taking a break from professional snowboarding. Getting away on a weekend by himself in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. 

He needs a break from his life. A breakup with his fiancĂ©, a woman his mother picked out for him from the right-wing church he'd grown up in. There are certain expectations to start a family. 

Corey, also a competitive snowboarder, knows James from the circuit. They've competed against each other many times over the years. They run into each other on the weekend of Winter Pride. 

Corey has a secret. He's had a huge crush on James for years. But he's not out and James isn't gay. He decides to approach James anyway—just to hang out. 

He convinces James to go to a Winter Pride event even though James has grown up in a world in which homosexuality is considered a sin. James reluctantly agrees. He's enjoying Corey's company. 

As the men spend time together over the course of the weekend, James finds himself feeling unexpected things. He's not sure if it's admiration or attraction he has for Corey. 

That question is answered when they end up alone together.

Release date February 28!

Preorder Available here!

January Newsletter

January on the West Coast
A tidbit of story. A promise of books.

I'm looking out at the most amazing sunset after a beautiful, warm sunny January day. I woke up this morning to the sound of leaf blowers as the apartment building's gardeners start their spring clean.

Yes, mid-to-east coasters, you heard me. Spring clean. Oak trees are starting to bud here and the earth is warming up; mother nature ushering us into 2023.

I know I am blessed to live here on the west coast of Canada. And all this new life has me looking toward what the new year means book-wise. I've made a promise to myself. That I will complete 3-4 contemporary romance novellas by the end of this year. I want to stick to a genre and complete a series of sorts. That's the plan anyway. I expect you to hold me to it.

In the meantime, I'd like for you, my readers, to have titles to keep you occupied. Over the next few months, while I'm writing, I will be sharing with you books by other authors in the MM and Gay Romance/Fantasy/Paranormal genres in my newsletter.

What that’s going to look like. 

You will receive an email from me with the genre in the subject line telling you what types of books you are about to discover. Below each book will be a button where you can find out more about the story and see where to purchase it. Some emails may even offer you free stories if you agree to join the newly discovered author's newsletter subscription.

The reason I'm doing this.

To offer you plenty of opportunities to read in the genre you love. And to cooperate with other independent publishers in getting our stories seen. It's a tight-knit community and we love helping each other out. So let's fill up those e-readers!

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Wish On A Star - FTM Transgender Erotic Romance


Wish On A Star

A FTM transgender romance short story filled with love, tenderness, and exploration 

Brady has been longing to meet that special guy. One he can call his boyfriend. One he can cuddle with on the sofa—fall in love. 

He thinks he has found that person in Lance, a guy he met over Grindr. They have spent weeks texting and talking on the phone, sharing all aspects of their lives—except one. 

Brady hasn't told Lance he's trans. He's afraid that will be a deal-breaker, but his feelings for Lance have grown exponentially. When should he tell him? 

The two finally meet, on their first real date together. Brady decides to rip the bandage off and tells Lance the truth. How Lance reacts is beyond what Brady imagined it would be like. 

What does the future hold for them? Is there one?

Genre: FTM Transgender Erotic Romance

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