Cheeky Boy: A Spoiled Brat/Discipline M/M Bisexual Romance


Cheeky Boy

It's so easy to be bad when you have millions of dollars to play with

I know I'm out of control, but what else am I supposed to do with my time? My billionaire dad hasn't deemed me capable of being a productive member of society. He's left me to stagnate after a privileged childhood with no guidance—raised by staff.

At 27, my life is one big substance-fueled party. No one has ever said no to me. Deep down, though, I crave it. I need someone to care enough to offer me guidance. To say no to me when I need it. Someone who can provide me with a little discipline and affection.

I'm starved for it. I know I am, but I have no idea how to get what I need to be good.

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Rhythmic Bliss: A Grumpy/Sunshine Gay Awakening M/M Romance


Rhythmic Bliss

Strumming your way to joy

Lucas would love to be playing his original music full-time but instead, he splits his time between working in construction and playing in a cover band. He hates the fact he can't live his life the way he wants to, and it colors his entire world. Everything annoys him. 

He has considered himself heterosexual his entire adult life even though women don't seem to interest him. He's even played with the idea that he might be asexual. Then he meets Nick and everything he thought he knew about himself is flipped on its head. He takes on a mantra of, "I don't want to be gay." But he cannot deny it might be the case. 

Nick is new to the Victoria music scene and is just finding his way around. He spends his time busking his original music and doing sound for live music in pubs and bars. He's living life on his terms and doing so brings him a great amount of joy. He naturally has a sunny disposition and that makes his work even more enjoyable. 

He has fully embraced his bisexuality and has been out for over twenty years. He hasn't had any luck finding anyone suitable for a long-term relationship but that hasn't stopped him from loving life. Then he meets Lucas and for the first time, he feels as if he might have found someone who is the yin to his yang. 

This is an HEA story where one man doesn't want to be gay but cannot deny that might be the case. The other has fully embraced his bisexuality but despite his joyful nature, he hasn't found someone to share his life with. Will their love of music be common ground?

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Drag Undivided: A Second Chance Hurt/Comfort M/M Gay Romance


Drag Undivided

Recovering true love

The nearly twenty years without Noah haven't been easy on Cole. He's latched onto alcohol to help him cope with his own existence. It's been a struggle. He's made his life as full as possible by becoming a full-time drag queen after ditching his job as a special needs child educator. Drag brings him the joy he so desperately seeks while suffering through a domineering marriage. But the love he felt as a teenager never went away. 

Noah thought he moved on after his best friend came out as gay in high school. He did everything he could to push Cole away. It was the only way he knew to protect his heart. Twenty years later, he's still carrying profound love for the person who meant so much to him from the time they were in kindergarten. 

They're given an opportunity to reconcile. To reconnect. But there are obstacles to their hearts beating together once again. How are they going to find their way back to love? Can they recover what they once had? 

This is an HEA story about two men who have suffered for years by being apart. A mix of alcoholism, self-doubt, and remorse gives them some challenges in order to be together again.

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