One and Only: MMM Erotic(a) Second Chance Romance


One and Only

Jacob did a stupid thing back in university. He fell in love. Now, sixteen years later, he runs into the man that has plagued his dreams. Jacob's love is still strong for him.

 Can he walk away? His life is so different now. He's not the naïve guy he was in university. He's spent the past sixteen years sleeping with every man that crosses his path. 

Ethan ran away when things got too serious in university. A straight guy wasn't supposed to have those feelings for another guy. Sixteen years later, he might be proven wrong. 

A failed marriage amongst his baggage, Ethan isn't sure if he wants to add more instability to his children's lives. Is getting back what he's lost worth putting his heart on the line? 

If love grows between them, how much love will they have to spare?

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Merlot Rebellion: Coming soon!


Merlot Rebellion

Author: Leigh Jarrett
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Gay Romance
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Devastated when things don't work out, Patrick refuses to even consider risking his heart again. As soon as he proclaims his love, everything always falls apart. 

One afternoon while heading a wine tour, Patrick recoils when he encounters a man he's been told is a monster by his latest ex-boyfriend. 

Heartbroken, Charles is convinced his last breakup was his fault. His seductive looks are the only reason anyone ever picks him up. He has no other worth. His latest partner of seven years told him as much. He was cheated on, abandoned for another—replaced by a blond boy toy. 

Then the vapid adulterer has the gall to walk into his winery.

Snowblind: A Friends to Lovers Gay Romance



Release date February 28!

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It all came down to a matter of trust.

James has some free time and is taking a break from professional snowboarding. Getting away on a weekend by himself in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. 

He needs a break from his life. A breakup with his fiancé, a woman his mother picked out for him from the right-wing church he'd grown up in. There are certain expectations to start a family. 

Corey, also a competitive snowboarder, knows James from the circuit. They've competed against each other many times over the years. They run into each other on the weekend of Winter Pride. 

Corey has a secret. He's had a huge crush on James for years. But he's not out and James isn't gay. He decides to approach James anyway—just to hang out. 

He convinces James to go to a Winter Pride event even though James has grown up in a world in which homosexuality is considered a sin. James reluctantly agrees. He's enjoying Corey's company. 

As the men spend time together over the course of the weekend, James finds himself feeling unexpected things. He's not sure if it's admiration or attraction he has for Corey. 

That question is answered when they end up alone together.

Release date February 28!

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