Healing Hands of E'lan

Author: Leigh Jarrett
Genre: Transgender/Gay Erotica
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Provocative Prehistoric Erotica 

Zarum's interest in him was more than E'lan had been expecting, given his preference—but then maybe Zarum had sensed something. 

E'lan had been told all his life that he was the most beautiful and alluring "girl" and now "woman" anyone had ever set eyes on, and each time the clans gathered to seek mates for their younger clan members, E'lan enjoyed the admiration bestowed upon him, but the necessity to keep his true gender and sexuality a secret prevented him from finding a mate for himself. 

As the healer of the Clan N'kip, E'lan was also their spiritual leader. A position passed down to him by his mother—strictly a woman's position within the clan. Only the elders knew of the deception his mother had strategically undertaken throughout E'lan's life. 

This mating season, four spirits willing, he would be included in the celebrations. The elders would choose a suitable mate for him, and he'd be permitted to take that man back to his sleeping platform and fulfill his long-awaited desires. 

As a man—not a woman.


Back in her private area of the cave, E'lan stretched out on her sleeping platform. The delivery had taken more out of her than usual. The thought of losing Zeffi's first child had distressed her immensely. Regardless of the four spirits will, the loss of that precious baby boy would've shaken E'lan to the core.
She'd been anxious to close her eyes and rest, but on the way back to her alcove in the cave, she'd been cornered by the tanner who'd offered to make her a new tunic if she pleasured him. Even with sleep weighing heavily behind her eyelids, the temptation had been too much to resist. The tanner had a gorgeous cock. She'd taken him down one of the dark veins of the cave.
E'lan grinned and rolled onto her stomach. The sound of the tanner cumming must have echoed throughout the entire cave system and beyond. She ground her hips into the bedding, remembering the feel of the tanner's hot, throbbing cock in her throat, and the salty, bitter taste of his cum as it filled her mouth.
E'lan licked her lips. She could still taste it.
Need surged heavily in her loins. E'lan tucked her hand down the front of her body, hauled her undergarments aside, and stroked the slick wetness and warmth with her hand, pulling her body closer to the edge of ecstasy with each tight, jacking caress.
Shifting her body, E'lan licked her finger and reached between her legs. Practice and an intricate knowledge of anatomy had her thrusting it deep into her ass, pressing and massaging the sensitive gland just inside the tight pulsing hole.
E'lan shuddered forward, biting into the skins near his face as he spilled onto the bedding in waves of blinding heat, releasing ropes of cum into the furs. He laughed throatily, milking the last drop from his cock as he massaged his aching balls. They'd been bound to his body since long before first light. Exhausted or not, he'd needed the release.
He groaned into the furs. The elders were becoming seriously annoyed with the number of skins he was dropping off to be cleaned, but he couldn't exactly be seen washing semen stains from his own bedding. Everyone knew E'lan didn't take men into her bed.

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