Alexander, Prince of the North

Oleander peered over his shoulder at Alex. Their meeting with his father, Count Drakkar and the High Council had not gone as planned.

It had, in fact, gone quite the opposite.

Drachen, having reached the castle many hours before them, had convinced the elders of the High Council that Drakkar's bastard son, Oleander, was a traitor, citing his unauthorized meeting with Grimmr's human allies, the Garam Horde, as proof he was indeed aligning himself with Grimmr Coven.

Upon their arrival, Oleander and Alex had been surrounded by High Council guards and ushered into an ambush of unsubstantiated accusations of treason. Amidst escalating tempers, Drakkar had calmed the room, insisting more proof was needed, then motioned for Drachen to continue.

And he had—illustrating Oleander's previously unknown life within Grimmr Coven, including details of his human Garam lover, Torkel. Then, to prove his point—that his brother was not only a traitor but an ongoing sexual deviant, Drachen had moved to speak of Timothy's existence—

Oleander offered Alex a weak smile. He should have seen it coming. Tempered Alex somehow. Anticipated Alex's profound love for him would blind him—fuel his desire to protect the life of his human companion—far beyond reason.

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