Coming Soon!

Leigh Jarrett's Gay Erotica persona, Gavin E. Black, is working on a new three-book series, Rodeo Boys, following the exploits of Dirk and Garrett as they cruise for straight guys on the Rodeo circuit.

"Garrett and I had known each other since high school, senior year. After that, we'd gone to college together. Shared a dorm room. It was somewhere in that time, not sure when, that we started fucking each other, regularly. Not boyfriend—boyfriend fucking.

Just a couple of buddies getting each other off.

I'm definitely not gay. Maybe bisexual—maybe something else entirely. All I know is my best friend knows how to suck cock better than any girlfriend I've ever had, and I get an insane rush every time his cock fills my ass and pounds it into submission.

Now in our late-twenties, we've started cruising. Hitting the rodeo circuit. Partially because we've both grown up bronc riding and steer wrestling, and partially because the rodeo grounds and local country bars are prime hunting grounds for tracking down straight guys who are willing to walk the line with us—experiment. Let us show them what it feels like to really cum.

Intense, convulsive, soul-shattering surges of relentless, mind-blowing cum.

—but that's just my experience.

—and Garrett's.

—and most everyone else we've lassoed into joining us."